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Why choose the violin?

Musical education in general is scientifically proven to have a profound effect on the future development of a child, both intellectually and psychologically. For instance, a 2007 study in Nature Neuroscience linked a positive correlation between the quality of a school’s music education curriculum and its students’ performance on standardized tests. The benefits are far more than academic, however: music has deep therapeutic effects and is actively used by many facilities dealing with those with special needs. 


String instruments such as the violin have appeared in countless cultures around the world, both ancient and modern. From the priceless Stradivarius and Guadagnini violins of 18th century Italy to today’s Fender Stratocaster guitar, string instruments have endured through the ages because of the vast repertory of music composed for them as well as the hauntingly beautiful sounds they can produce. 


Learning the violin involves a journey through history to personally explore, and perform, some of the greatest artistic products of the Western world.

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